Frances Anna Gillette was born in Vancouver, Washington and raised in Yacolt Washington. Fran is the oldest of seven children and learned to cook at a very Young age, when food on the farm was simple and wholesome. Frances A Abernathy married Francis W. Gillette in 1959 together they were blessed with eight beautiful children.Fran Gillette's cooking is well admired and known all over America, she has cooked with her Heart for all those who know and adore her.Fran is also a RN and continues to give loving care to Seniors.A wholehearted Thank You to each and every person who purchases Fran Gillette's Cookbooks, you will fall in Love with her Food style and all the amazing History within these Timeless Cookbooks, these special Books are more than just Cookbooks, they are a book to live by as well as read over n over.Let us never get too far ahead to forget to look back where we came from and with these Cherished Cookbooks you can help preserve the Simple way of Cooking and living for many generations ahead.Enjoy each and every recipe within these loved filled pages.
May God Bless and Keep You all Always